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The balsamic types of vinegar we propose are the result of the association of grape juice (must) with aromatic elements derived from the barrels made of rare woods in which vinegars ripe and settle, acquiring a most pleasant taste with the right degree of acidity.
Wholly natural and of high quality, our balsamic vinegars do not contain thickeners, coloring and aromatizing chemicals. They can be spotted at once due to their unmistakably persistent and fragrant scent, besides their most pleasant and unique savour.
Our balsamic vinegars may be defined versatile products, in as much as they can be perfectly combined with any sort of dish, adding flavor and optimizing its taste.

Balsamic vinegar barrels
Content: 250 ml
€ 7.60 with VAT
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Balsamic white dressing
Content: 250 ml
€ 9.95 with VAT
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