Balsamic vinegar glaze of Modena IGP
Balsamic vinegar glaze of Modena IGP
Producer: Acetaia Astrology - Reggio Emilia - Italy
Bottle Size: 250 ml
Ingredients: Concentrated Grape juice (must), IGP Modena Balsamic Vinegar, 20%, (wine vinegar, concentrated grape juice, caramel E150D), modified starch
Colour:intense brown, extremely shiny, clear and bright
Smell:fragrant, not aggressive at all, with good perception of ripe friut
Taste: balanced, fine, pleasantly sour, with remarkable tannic notes
Acidity: 3%
Balsamic vinegar glaze of Modena IGP is the result of love and passion for good dining and are the outcome of a mix of some among the best grape juices (musts) with the most renowned Modena Balsamic Vinegar IGP.
The cream is dense and voluminous with a delicate taste and with that typical sweet and sour balsamic touch.
It is suitable in a variety of dishes, such as: risotto, cheese, pasta, meet, fish, sweets and dessert.

Balsamic Vinegar Cream may also be consumed in vegetarian diets as well as in gluten, lactose and fat free diets
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