Chikpeas prawns basket

Chikpeas prawns basket

Oil to be used: Intense Fruity
Difficulty: Medium
Time: 45 Minutes
Ingredients for 4 people
  • 150 gr grated Parmesan cheese
  • 1 chickpea can
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 12 Prawns
  • One beef boullion
  • Rosemary, bay leaves, onion
  • Half a small glass of brendy
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Intense Fruity EVO Oil
Place in a no adhesive pan e couple of spoons loaded with grated Parmesan cheese and let it slowly melt at a low fire. When the cheese has formed a sort of waffle, let it cool and place it into a cupping glass allowing the waffle to get a concave shape. Repeat the operation another three times, so as to get 4 concave waffles.
Fry a thin chopped onion in extra virgin olive oil with one garlic clove, a bay leave and a tiny branch of Rosemary.
Add the chickpeas with 150 ml of their own  can water and let them  cook for about 20 minutes; remove the garlic, bay leave and Rosemary, add salt and pepper according to your taste and mix the whole.  Keep it hot.
Give taste to one spoon full of extra virgin olive oil with the other garlic clove. Add half  a  small glass of brandy and a tea spoon of concentrated beef bouillon melted into a quarter of a cup of water; add the prawns and let them cook for three minutes.
Add the prawns to the cream of chickpeas let it cook at slow fire until you get the right density.
Put some chickpeas cream inside the Parmesan cheese nests (concave waffles), place the prawns on top of and decorate with a tuft of Rosemary.
Add more taste with some drops of extra virgin olive oil of intense fruity and serve.
Suggested type of oils for this recipe
Primo DOP extravirgin olive oil
Extravirgin olive oil intense fruity
Primo DOP
Region: Sicily
€ 13.20 with VAT
Full description
Sole Sabino extravirgin olive oil
Extravirgin olive oil intense fruity
Sole Sabino
Region: Latium
€ 11.90 with VAT
Full description
Cà de Bruson extravirgin olive oil
Extravirgin olive oil intense fruity
Cà de Bruson
Region: Liguria
€ 14.40 with VAT
Full description
Today we suggest you...
Garlic oil Frantoi Cutrera extravirgin olive oil
Garlic oil Frantoi Cutrera
Cutrera family series of infused olive oil includes another delicacy: olive oil infused with garlic.
This is definitely a product appreciated by those who love sharp tastes.
Nevertheless, garlic taste, in this case, is dosed in such an expert way that it succeeds pleasing almost all types of palates and tastes.
While cooking it can be combined with a great  variety of food: try it, for instance, as salad dressing, on top of a bruschetta, and, of course, to make all your pasta dishes rich by far!  
€ 7.85 with VAT
Chocolate Balsamic galze extravirgin olive oil
Chocolate Balsamic galze
Chocolate balsamic glaze is an Italian product, result of love and passion for good dining and the blending of top quality grape juice (must) and Modena Balsamic Vinegar IGP.
 It is a condensed and full bodied cream, with a delicate sweet and sour taste, typical of balsamic vinegars.
It is most suitable to enrich cakes, pies, ice-cream cups and fresh fruits.

It may also be consumed in vegetarian diets as well as in gluten, lactose and fat free diets
€ 5.90 with VAT
Balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP extravirgin olive oil
Balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP
A young Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, excellent for daily use on salads and to prepare different sorts of cold as well as cooked dishes.

It can be used in vegetarian diets as well as in gluten, lactose and fat free diets.
€ 4.55 with VAT
Lemon oil Frantoi Cutrera extravirgin olive oil
Lemon oil Frantoi Cutrera
When two amazing products such as Sicilian lemons and extra virgin olive oil produced by the Cutrera family blend together, the outcome couldn’t be but a delicacy!
Oil infused with lemon which we are proposing is a real treat to the nostrils; its smell contains the best of Sicily, its sun, its superb olive oil and its lemons.
An experience to be tried with eyes closed…!
Lemon oil is mostly used to dress salads, fish, carpaccio salad. We did try it on salmon fish as well, marinated in pink pepper; do not miss it!
Very suitable also in the preparation of cakes.  
€ 7.85 with VAT
Food Fraud
Olive oil fraud
It must be acknowledged that in the last years great progress is being made concerning food fraud. However the problem remains concerning some degree of confusion with regards to the normative and regulations which should exercise control over the olive oil sector.
This unclear situation becomes fertile ground for all those oil producers who lack ethical principles and professional behavior, giving rise to all sorts of food fraud...

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Folk tales to be discredited
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We deem it necessary to clarify some misleading conceptions portrayed by these tales, at least the most popularly known.

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