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Olive oil shipping


Through Express Courier UPS we ship our products to many countries.
The goods are delivered for shipment within:
  • 24/48h if in stock*
  • 5 to 10 working days if out of stock*
*The moment you place your order our computerized system informs you whether the products are available or not.

It is possible to have the products shipped to an address different than yours, as in the case when you are intending to make a gift to someone.


Shipping cost, valid for United Kingdom, Denmark and Netherlands is calculated according to the amount of the bill, as follows:
  • 10,9€ when your order is less than 39€
  • 7,9€ when your order amounts to 39€ up to 99€
  • Shipping is free when your order amounts to 99€ and above


Olive oil bottles packaging Each single bottle is fist wrapped in a special corrugated cardboard and then placed in a box designed and studied to protect the bottles and guarantee that the products will not suffer any damage during transport and reach the customer in perfect conditions.

In the improbable case when the products may reach the customer with any sort of damage, Oliving will replace it and ship a new parcel at its own expense. Olive oil cardboard box

Today we suggest you...
Chili Oil extravirgin olive oil
Chili Oil
When the classical Italian red chilly is placed deeply immersed in top quality extra virgin olive oil, the result is of an exceptional level, both for the palate and for the creativity in the kitchen.
The spicy flavor can be enjoyed, however, never too strong. It is a type of seasoning considered most fit for palates loving to enjoy flavors pleasantly spicy.
In the kitchen, it can be combined with almost every type of dish. We can say that the limit is only where there is a lack of fantasy.
We enjoyed it to no end on a tomato bruschetta, with mozzarella cheese and capers. Just overwhelming!   
€ 11.90 with VAT
Le Trebbiane extravirgin olive oil
Extravirgin olive oil medium fruity
Le Trebbiane
Frantoio Franci was born in the fifties on the  Val d’Orcia hills,  in Tuscany. The one and only passion of the Franci family was “excellence in quality”.  So many have been the prizes and the awards granted to them as a sign of recognition of the top quality reached by their products and always maintained.
"Le Trebbiane" must be placed among the top excellence of Franci’s selection of olive oils. A unique, outstanding olive oil destined to real amateurs of high cuisine  and genuine products.
Golden light yellow in color, with reflections.
To the smell it offers a green olive type of fruity which embodies the striking scents of freshly cut grass, tomato and herbs.
Very clear to the palate, instead, is the taste of artichoke  with a reminder of herbs, like its smell. Remarkable balance and long lasting persistency of the artichoke taste which remains predominant.
€ 19.60 with VAT
Terra dei Grifoni 0,75 LT extravirgin olive oil
Extravirgin olive oil intense fruity
Terra dei Grifoni 0,75 LT
The Roccia’s passion for this activity is the real secret behind such an exceptional quality of extra virgin olive oil, which offers all the best characteristics of the Puglia Region.
 The oil has a yellow color with slight green nuances, to the smell it offers riche scents recalling the “green” of meadows, like newly cut grass in the fields and artichoke.  Added to these, also sweeter scent of  fruits such as apple, banana and almond.
Finally, also the scent of chicory is enjoyed towards the end, pleasantly long lasting and intense.   
€ 15.40 with VAT
Mirum extravirgin olive oil
Extravirgin olive oil light fruity
A classic extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality from the west side of Lake Garda.
It is produced in a limited quantity through the careful selection of Casaliva and Leccino olives, manually picked just at the right moment of maturity and immediately crushed.
Clear, warm, golden coloured, with green reflections, it has a persistent delicately fruity aroma with various floral fragrances.
The taste is round, sweet, nutty and pleasantly peppery.
€ 14.50 with VAT
You can make the difference at home too!
Olive oil can
Olive oil does not improve by aging, but it can last a very long time if properly stored.
One of olive oil’s worst enemies is exposure to light, both direct as well as indirect.
Olives contain chlorophyll, a substance utilized in the photosynthesis to transform absorbed luminous energy into oxygen and sugars. Chlorophyll is responsible for the green color which is typical of fresh new oil...

Why choose 'gourmet' olive oil...
Best olive oil is good for you
Incredible, yet true! Such a common product like olive oil can tell a lot about us, the way we are, what we look for, our life style.
Actually what can reveal some aspects of our personality isn't olive oil in itself, rather the way we choose it and how we make use of it.
Imagine yourself in a supermarket, in front of the shelf with oil products. Different factors will lead us to choose among seed oil, olive oil, extra virgin olive oil and go on...

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