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We try our utmost best to offer you the top quality kind of service, starting with our virtual shop, payments, transport and post sale assistance.
We do believe that high quality products as those we are offering you must be looked after with a top quality service as well.
We do not spare any effort in this achievement ; whereas you can definitely help us, if you deem it useful, by pointing out your degree of satisfaction and/or some suggestion on how to improve even further.
Thanks to your contributions we shall constantly improve our work.


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Free delivery of our food products on sale. We use only express courier, sda for Italy and Ups for the rest of the world We entrust the shipping of our products to the best operators in the market with whom we are in permanent close partnership relations. This allows us to offer very competitive shipping prices.
We ship our products all over Italy, Europe and throughout the world through express courier.
Products are packed with great care thus guaranteeing to safely reach their destination.
When purchasing our products make sure to provide us with the address of yours where someone is available all the time so as to allow consignment in the short possible period of time

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Today we suggest you...
Le Trebbiane extravirgin olive oil
Extravirgin olive oil medium fruity
Le Trebbiane
Frantoio Franci was born in the fifties on the  Val d’Orcia hills,  in Tuscany. The one and only passion of the Franci family was “excellence in quality”.  So many have been the prizes and the awards granted to them as a sign of recognition of the top quality reached by their products and always maintained.
"Le Trebbiane" must be placed among the top excellence of Franci’s selection of olive oils. A unique, outstanding olive oil destined to real amateurs of high cuisine  and genuine products.
Golden light yellow in color, with reflections.
To the smell it offers a green olive type of fruity which embodies the striking scents of freshly cut grass, tomato and herbs.
Very clear to the palate, instead, is the taste of artichoke  with a reminder of herbs, like its smell. Remarkable balance and long lasting persistency of the artichoke taste which remains predominant.
€ 19.60 with VAT
Balsamic vinegar glaze of Modena IGP extravirgin olive oil
Balsamic vinegar glaze of Modena IGP
Balsamic vinegar glaze of Modena IGP is the result of love and passion for good dining and are the outcome of a mix of some among the best grape juices (musts) with the most renowned Modena Balsamic Vinegar IGP.
The cream is dense and voluminous with a delicate taste and with that typical sweet and sour balsamic touch.
It is suitable in a variety of dishes, such as: risotto, cheese, pasta, meet, fish, sweets and dessert.

Balsamic Vinegar Cream may also be consumed in vegetarian diets as well as in gluten, lactose and fat free diets
€ 7.60 with VAT
Lemon oil Frantoi Cutrera extravirgin olive oil
Lemon oil Frantoi Cutrera
When two amazing products such as Sicilian lemons and extra virgin olive oil produced by the Cutrera family blend together, the outcome couldn’t be but a delicacy!
Oil infused with lemon which we are proposing is a real treat to the nostrils; its smell contains the best of Sicily, its sun, its superb olive oil and its lemons.
An experience to be tried with eyes closed…!
Lemon oil is mostly used to dress salads, fish, carpaccio salad. We did try it on salmon fish as well, marinated in pink pepper; do not miss it!
Very suitable also in the preparation of cakes.  
€ 8.70 with VAT
Rosemary oil Frantoi Cutrera extravirgin olive oil
Rosemary oil Frantoi Cutrera
If you love Rosemary smell you cannot deprive yourself of this product!
Its peculiar and pervading aroma will render your dishes delicious.
Try it on top of grilled meat , roasted potatoes, on roasted lamb.
If you are short of time and yet you wish to enjoy a truly pleasurable moment, prepare  some croutons with a pinch of salt and some drops of rosemary olive oil: just outstanding!
To be prepared also as an appetizer when you invite friends.
€ 8.70 with VAT
The olive mill makes the difference too!
Olive Mill
Olive Mills are of different types, each with its specific characteristics, advantages and disadvantages quality and cost wise.
The main common characteristic, however, must be a scrupulous cleanliness and hygiene.
Oil is a great absorber and collector of taste and smell therefore it is easy to figure out what could happen if the newly produced oil gets in contact with leftovers of previous pressings which have become rancid!

Food Fraud
Olive oil fraud
It must be acknowledged that in the last years great progress is being made concerning food fraud. However the problem remains concerning some degree of confusion with regards to the normative and regulations which should exercise control over the olive oil sector.
This unclear situation becomes fertile ground for all those oil producers who lack ethical principles and professional behavior, giving rise to all sorts of food fraud...

Find out more on: FRAUDS ABOUT OLIVE OIL
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