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Sales prices of extra virgin olive oil and typical Italian food products

Quality and Price

When it comes to talk about high quality products, there is the unavoidable tendency to think that also talk about very high prices as well, unlikely to match our actual possibilities. It cannot be denied, of course.
However it is only a way to tackle the subject. At Oliving, we would like to tackle it from a different perspective, which corresponds to the vision which spurred us from the very beginning to deal with these type of products.
Let’s consider the olive oil universe. There exist hundreds if not thousands of studies and surveys which, since a very long time, demonstrate the incredible benefits which derive from the use of olive oil on a daily bases.
You may think that whichever type of olive oil which we can purchase in a supermarket, even at a very low price, may have the same benefits of any other type of olive oil. Well, this is definitely wrong. Scientific studies demonstrate that the healthy elements of olive oil are contained mostly, if not exclusively, in very high quality extra virgin olive oil; therefore only from oil derived from olives which have been cultivated with traditional methods and produced aiming at quality rather then quantity! That’s one of the reasons why there are much greater guarantees that olive oil produced by small agricultural firms may be far better, quality wise, than the oli produced in huge oil mills, providing famous brands to supermarkets.
Olive oil is the basic element of the Mediterranean diet and is consumed on a daily bases. The question, therefore, is the following: i sit worth saving some Euros and purchase a cheap type of olive oil and give up this important daily “medicine” , by consuming an olive oil which have almost non of the nutritional elements so beneficial to health? We live in a time in which so much money is spent in all sorts of products beneficial to health, as in the case of yogurt, for example. We do it to keep our cholesterol low. High quality virgin olive oil produces the same effects on top of its very pleasant taste.
Next time you find yourself in front of the olive oil shelf ask yourself this question: is it really worth saving some Euros even if it goes to the disadvantage of my own health

Our Prices

The sales price of extra virgin olive oil you find on Oliving are the lowest on the market With Oliving you are guaranteed that any type of oil you purchase belongs to a very high quality products with a very convenient price when compared to what is in the market.
Thanks to very solid relationship and agreements with our suppliers coupled with a very careful logistics management and to the containment of operating costs, due to the e-commerce policy, we can offer very competitive prices also with regards to products which could hardly be found in the market.

Production chain and prices

The extra virgin olive oil production chain A question which is often asked is the following: why can I buy olive oil with little money at the supermarket while high quality olive oil is far more expensive?
If you think for a second you come to realize that this holds true for so many other products. As it is for wine, for example. High quality products entail very high costs as well.
From an adult olive tree, considered such when it is at least ten years old, there is an average harvest of approximately 30 kilos of olives. If we want to obtain high quality extra virgin olive oil the olives must be picked when they start ripening and, alas, this is also the period in which the olives yield less oil; only this way, however, the oil will be rich in nutritive and healthy elements.
Under such conditions the oil produced will amount between 10 and 15%. This means that the real yield of oil from a mature olive tree will consist of 4 or 5 liters of oil. So little, you may say. Yet, it’s the way it is!...
Consider also that for a correct way to cultivate olive trees there must be a wide distance from one tree to the other, normally the distance is about 5 meters, and this means that for a relatively small number of trees there is the need for a big peace of land.
Then, trees must be pruned, fertilized, irrigated, and all this just to obtain 4 to 5 liters of oil from each tree. Moreover, in order to get the best quality, olives must be collected with the most natural methods available and these entail high cost of manpower.
Then the cost of pressing, the cost of bottles, bottling, labeling, transport, etc. Poi ci sono i costi per la frangitura, le bottiglie, l'imbottigliamento, l'etichetta, i trasporti, ecc.
Even though the production chain is not particularly complex, the costs involved are several ones. By getting the products directly from the producers, a good product must necessarily cost more than the ones which could be purchased in a supermarket.

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