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Give extra virgin olive oil as a present. It's going to be an innovative, original gift which will be well accepted for sure

Give an original gift

No matter how many are the occasions to make a gift to a loved one or to someone we care: a birthday, an anniversary, Christmas, and other important events; normally we wish to find something “special” or at least to find a present which may carry a touch of originality and surprise the person who receives it!
It isn’t easy to get new ideas when it comes to choosing a gift.
It may be true that presenting something enjoyable to the palate, most often may prove to be a success; however, sending the usual bottle of wine will not necessarily make an impression!
Why not change and make a set of bottles containing high quality extra virgin olive oil your own “original” gift? It is a product used by and large, hardly anybody wouldn’t appreciate it.
Take your friends, relatives and your loved one by surprise by sending them this “unique” gift: a selected choice of some of the best Italian extra virgin olive oil!

Your card with personalized dedication

Add a personalized dedication to the extra virgin olive oil  gift packages Sending Oliving’s products as gifts couldn’t be easier. When you click and make your order, just select the "give a present" box and write the address of the person supposed to receive your gift. We’ll take care of everything.

Moreover now you may even “personalize” your dedication card!
Create your message as you please, we shall print it in a nice card and place it inside the parcel, along with the products.
With just a few clicks you can send an exclusive gift to the people you love.

Try and personalize your dedication

Today we suggest you...
Rosemary oil Frantoi Cutrera extravirgin olive oil
Rosemary oil Frantoi Cutrera
If you love Rosemary smell you cannot deprive yourself of this product!
Its peculiar and pervading aroma will render your dishes delicious.
Try it on top of grilled meat , roasted potatoes, on roasted lamb.
If you are short of time and yet you wish to enjoy a truly pleasurable moment, prepare  some croutons with a pinch of salt and some drops of rosemary olive oil: just outstanding!
To be prepared also as an appetizer when you invite friends.
€ 8.70 with VAT
Malaspina extravirgin olive oil
Extravirgin olive oil intense fruity
In just a few years this young  firm producing extra virgin olive oil is already rated among the top quality producers throughout the world.
The reason may be due to the great historicity of the Syracuse countryside in Sicily, but all the more to the dedication, passion and skillful creativity of its owners.
Cascina Barbotta  produces an extra virgin olive oil of extraordinary reputation to the point that this young enterprise is mentioned among the top world extra virgin olive oil producers.   
Its smell outstands immediately due to the powerful expression of the rich, complete and involving fruity of this type of oil. The fragrance of green tomato emerges first, typical of the Tonda Iblea cultivar out of which this oil is produced.
Once inside the mouth and palate, the smell lingers on, while it is enrich with artichoke flavor becoming true excellence because of the harmony of all the elements.
We strongly recommend to try it!
€ 13.90 with VAT
Chili Oil extravirgin olive oil
Chili Oil
When the classical Italian red chilly is placed deeply immersed in top quality extra virgin olive oil, the result is of an exceptional level, both for the palate and for the creativity in the kitchen.
The spicy flavor can be enjoyed, however, never too strong. It is a type of seasoning considered most fit for palates loving to enjoy flavors pleasantly spicy.
In the kitchen, it can be combined with almost every type of dish. We can say that the limit is only where there is a lack of fantasy.
We enjoyed it to no end on a tomato bruschetta, with mozzarella cheese and capers. Just overwhelming!   
€ 11.90 with VAT
Mirum extravirgin olive oil
Extravirgin olive oil light fruity
A classic extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality from the west side of Lake Garda.
It is produced in a limited quantity through the careful selection of Casaliva and Leccino olives, manually picked just at the right moment of maturity and immediately crushed.
Clear, warm, golden coloured, with green reflections, it has a persistent delicately fruity aroma with various floral fragrances.
The taste is round, sweet, nutty and pleasantly peppery.
€ 14.50 with VAT
Olive oil types
Types of olive oil
There is a certain amount of confusion existing almost everywhere when it comes to identify the various categories of olive oil: virgin, extra virgin, lamp, sansa, etc.
These categories should clearly indentify which type of olive oil one buys and consumes, yet, often, they create mere confusion if not, at times, deceive the consumer to the only advantage of dishonest producers which take advantage of this lack of preciseness and increase their profits through the practice of food fraud!...

Food Fraud
Olive oil fraud
It must be acknowledged that in the last years great progress is being made concerning food fraud. However the problem remains concerning some degree of confusion with regards to the normative and regulations which should exercise control over the olive oil sector.
This unclear situation becomes fertile ground for all those oil producers who lack ethical principles and professional behavior, giving rise to all sorts of food fraud...

Find out more on: FRAUDS ABOUT OLIVE OIL
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