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The  extra virgin olive oil professional taster

Who we are

We are a group of friends “in love” with our home land, Italy!
We are united since a long time by the same passion: olive oil, one of the riches of our Country, which is among the greatest olive oil producers in the world.
Out of passion and love for olive oil, some of us have become professional olive oil tasters, so as to enrich our knowledge and skill for this fascinating field also under the professional point of view.
Throughout a long period of time, which lasted several years, we toured the Country from North to South in search for the best quality of extra virgin olive oil we visited countless of small agricultural firms and their plantations situated in the most fascinating and beautiful corners of the Italian peninsula: Tuscany, Umbria, Sicily, etc...
And the Oliving project is born with the purpose of offering all this amount of knowledge and experience in selecting to any person who truly appreciates good extra virgin olive oil.
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Today we suggest you...
Itaca Bio extravirgin olive oil
Extravirgin olive oil medium fruity
Itaca Bio
Passion and love for their land together with solid technical skills have brought Frantoio Valtenesi to achieve this excellent oil which has the most interesting features of the area of ​​origin, the Garda Lake.
The result is this type of oil which offers an extraordinary scent of olive fruity enriched by a most pleasant smell of ripe tomato and artichoke.
What is also outstanding concerning this type of oil is lasting effect of smell and taste with all its components!
€ 14.80 with VAT
Rosemary oil Frantoi Cutrera extravirgin olive oil
Rosemary oil Frantoi Cutrera
If you love Rosemary smell you cannot deprive yourself of this product!
Its peculiar and pervading aroma will render your dishes delicious.
Try it on top of grilled meat , roasted potatoes, on roasted lamb.
If you are short of time and yet you wish to enjoy a truly pleasurable moment, prepare  some croutons with a pinch of salt and some drops of rosemary olive oil: just outstanding!
To be prepared also as an appetizer when you invite friends.
€ 8.70 with VAT
Frantoio 0,75LT extravirgin olive oil
Extravirgin olive oil light fruity
Frantoio 0,75LT
Passion and love for their land together with solid technical skills have brought Frantoio Valtenesi to achieve this excellent oil which has the most interesting features of the area of ​​origin, the Garda Lake.
This oil is distinguished by a delicate but rich fruity. To the smell can be perceived herbal and artichoke notes.
When it comes to taste, the smell characteristics are confirmed.
The long lasting taste in the mouth allows to distinguish quite clearly elements of almond, leaving a most pleasant sensation for quite some time.  
€ 12.90 with VAT
Mirum extravirgin olive oil
Extravirgin olive oil light fruity
A classic extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality from the west side of Lake Garda.
It is produced in a limited quantity through the careful selection of Casaliva and Leccino olives, manually picked just at the right moment of maturity and immediately crushed.
Clear, warm, golden coloured, with green reflections, it has a persistent delicately fruity aroma with various floral fragrances.
The taste is round, sweet, nutty and pleasantly peppery.
€ 14.50 with VAT
Olive oil types
Types of olive oil
There is a certain amount of confusion existing almost everywhere when it comes to identify the various categories of olive oil: virgin, extra virgin, lamp, sansa, etc.
These categories should clearly indentify which type of olive oil one buys and consumes, yet, often, they create mere confusion if not, at times, deceive the consumer to the only advantage of dishonest producers which take advantage of this lack of preciseness and increase their profits through the practice of food fraud!...

Folk tales to be discredited
False beliefs about olive oil
Olive oil has been around for millennia, it’s present on most tables around the planet, yet countless false beliefs continue to flourish, as well as legends, referring to it.
We deem it necessary to clarify some misleading conceptions portrayed by these tales, at least the most popularly known.

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