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The  extra virgin olive oil professional taster

Who we are

We are a group of friends “in love” with our home land, Italy!
We are united since a long time by the same passion: olive oil, one of the riches of our Country, which is among the greatest olive oil producers in the world.
Out of passion and love for olive oil, some of us have become professional olive oil tasters, so as to enrich our knowledge and skill for this fascinating field also under the professional point of view.
Throughout a long period of time, which lasted several years, we toured the Country from North to South in search for the best quality of extra virgin olive oil we visited countless of small agricultural firms and their plantations situated in the most fascinating and beautiful corners of the Italian peninsula: Tuscany, Umbria, Sicily, etc...
And the Oliving project is born with the purpose of offering all this amount of knowledge and experience in selecting to any person who truly appreciates good extra virgin olive oil.
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Food Fraud
Olive oil fraud
It must be acknowledged that in the last years great progress is being made concerning food fraud. However the problem remains concerning some degree of confusion with regards to the normative and regulations which should exercise control over the olive oil sector.
This unclear situation becomes fertile ground for all those oil producers who lack ethical principles and professional behavior, giving rise to all sorts of food fraud...

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The olive mill makes the difference too!
Olive Mill
Olive Mills are of different types, each with its specific characteristics, advantages and disadvantages quality and cost wise.
The main common characteristic, however, must be a scrupulous cleanliness and hygiene.
Oil is a great absorber and collector of taste and smell therefore it is easy to figure out what could happen if the newly produced oil gets in contact with leftovers of previous pressings which have become rancid!

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