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Selezioniamo i prodotti tipici in vendita online solo da produttori italiani


The predominant reason for Oliving being in the market is the wide selection of products we intend to offer.
In a world in which food fraud id rampant and the final consumer is very poorly protected and guaranteed we should like, no matter how small we may still be, to offer to our customers the possibility to purchase top quality products offering them every possible guarantee and assistance.
That’s why the process of selection of our suppliers becomes the most crucial one. At the very start of our activity we have chosen to follow some basic professional ethical rules every time we do select a supplier.

Professional Ethics

  • We select exclusively Italian products
  • We choose our products from among small family run agricultural firms.
  • We personally periodically visit tour suppliers in order to verify the quality of the producing processes.
  • We only select those products which meet very high quality standards
  • We constantly verify whether or not the quality of the products we choose keeps the high quality standard we set as our goal.
  • We give top priority to suppliers who follow eco sustainable methods of production.
Today we suggest you...
Frantoio 0,75LT extravirgin olive oil
Extravirgin olive oil light fruity
Frantoio 0,75LT
Passion and love for their land together with solid technical skills have brought Frantoio Valtenesi to achieve this excellent oil which has the most interesting features of the area of ​​origin, the Garda Lake.
This oil is distinguished by a delicate but rich fruity. To the smell can be perceived herbal and artichoke notes.
When it comes to taste, the smell characteristics are confirmed.
The long lasting taste in the mouth allows to distinguish quite clearly elements of almond, leaving a most pleasant sensation for quite some time.  
€ 12.90 with VAT
Truffle oil Frantoio Valtenesi extravirgin olive oil
Truffle oil Frantoio Valtenesi
It is truly a delicacy, both for its taste and its unique aromatic smell.
Almost incredible! As you open the bottle you are literally overwhelmed by a most pleasant truffle aroma.
This type of olive oil is the only one which can give the chance to enjoy the same sensations caused by a real truffle, the difference is the price paid for  the product which is drastically lower!
Moreover, whereas the truffle is available only in some months of the year, normally between November and December; this product enables you to enrich your dishes with a most pleasant truffle aroma all year round!
Our suggestion is to try it on simple tagliatelle Pasta (noodles) with Parmesan cheese as well as on top of mushrooms risotto.
To get the most of the truffle taste, put some drops of this oil on top of a sunny side up fried egg; close your eyes and taste!  
€ 9.70 with VAT
Chili Oil extravirgin olive oil
Chili Oil
When the classical Italian red chilly is placed deeply immersed in top quality extra virgin olive oil, the result is of an exceptional level, both for the palate and for the creativity in the kitchen.
The spicy flavor can be enjoyed, however, never too strong. It is a type of seasoning considered most fit for palates loving to enjoy flavors pleasantly spicy.
In the kitchen, it can be combined with almost every type of dish. We can say that the limit is only where there is a lack of fantasy.
We enjoyed it to no end on a tomato bruschetta, with mozzarella cheese and capers. Just overwhelming!   
€ 11.90 with VAT
Malaspina extravirgin olive oil
Extravirgin olive oil intense fruity
In just a few years this young  firm producing extra virgin olive oil is already rated among the top quality producers throughout the world.
The reason may be due to the great historicity of the Syracuse countryside in Sicily, but all the more to the dedication, passion and skillful creativity of its owners.
Cascina Barbotta  produces an extra virgin olive oil of extraordinary reputation to the point that this young enterprise is mentioned among the top world extra virgin olive oil producers.   
Its smell outstands immediately due to the powerful expression of the rich, complete and involving fruity of this type of oil. The fragrance of green tomato emerges first, typical of the Tonda Iblea cultivar out of which this oil is produced.
Once inside the mouth and palate, the smell lingers on, while it is enrich with artichoke flavor becoming true excellence because of the harmony of all the elements.
We strongly recommend to try it!
€ 13.90 with VAT
Why choose 'gourmet' olive oil...
Best olive oil is good for you
Incredible, yet true! Such a common product like olive oil can tell a lot about us, the way we are, what we look for, our life style.
Actually what can reveal some aspects of our personality isn't olive oil in itself, rather the way we choose it and how we make use of it.
Imagine yourself in a supermarket, in front of the shelf with oil products. Different factors will lead us to choose among seed oil, olive oil, extra virgin olive oil and go on...

The difference starts in the olive tree grove
Olive tree grove
Perhaps you never came to think about it and nobody ever told you; olives are somehow like people: they are not all the same ... thank God!
There are hundreds of varieties all over the world and, among all countries, the greatest number of olive variety (cultivar) belongs to Italy.
Every cultivar produces olive oil with its typical taste and personality.

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