The Flavored Oils
The Flavored Oils
6 Bottles Extra Virgin Flavored Olive Oil

Producer: Frantoi Cutrera - Chiaramonte Gulfi (Sicily)

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A set of 6 bottles of flavored extra virgin olive oil . With this collection of flavored extra virgin olive oils you will dispose at all time of the right oil for the right dish


When two amazing products such as Sicilian lemons and extra virgin olive oil produced by the Cutrera family blend together, the outcome couldn’t be but a delicacy!
Oil infused with lemon which we are proposing is a real treat to the nostrils; its smell contains the best of Sicily, its sun, its superb olive oil and its lemons.
An experience to be tried with eyes closed…!
Lemon oil is mostly used to dress salads, fish, carpaccio salad. We did try it on salmon fish as well, marinated in pink pepper; do not miss it!
Very suitable also in the preparation of cakes.  


The Cultera family produces a type of Basil Oil which could be defined as the celebration of the Mediterranean taste!
Top quality of extra virgin olive oil coupled with basil aroma truly make this product suitable for all typical dishes comprised within the Mediterranean diet.
We strongly suggest to try it on top of a caprese salad, as dressing for your salads, on top of a rich bruschetta.
It matches perfectly as topping for a tomato sauce pasta, a simple, yet very tasty dish in the Italian tradition.


If you love Rosemary smell you cannot deprive yourself of this product!
Its peculiar and pervading aroma will render your dishes delicious.
Try it on top of grilled meat , roasted potatoes, on roasted lamb.
If you are short of time and yet you wish to enjoy a truly pleasurable moment, prepare  some croutons with a pinch of salt and some drops of rosemary olive oil: just outstanding!
To be prepared also as an appetizer when you invite friends.


It is a classical  among the infused types of olive oil.
The one produced by the Cutrera family is a result of a mixture of exceptionally good quality products which can obtain an impressive performance.
Spicy indeed and yet moderately, a balanced taste which can suit all kinds of palates.
Red hot chili pepper olive oil is perfect  whenever we wish to sharpen our dishes.
Try it on a bruschetta, on top of grilled meat, with roasted potatoes.
A classic use of red hot chili pepper olive oil is when it enriches first course pasta dishes or a great homemade pizza pie.  


Cutrera family series of infused olive oil includes another delicacy: olive oil infused with garlic.
This is definitely a product appreciated by those who love sharp tastes.
Nevertheless, garlic taste, in this case, is dosed in such an expert way that it succeeds pleasing almost all types of palates and tastes.
While cooking it can be combined with a great  variety of food: try it, for instance, as salad dressing, on top of a bruschetta, and, of course, to make all your pasta dishes rich by far!  


It is truly a delicacy, both for its taste and its unique aromatic smell.
Almost incredible! As you open the bottle you are literally overwhelmed by a most pleasant truffle aroma.
This type of olive oil is the only one which can give the chance to enjoy the same sensations caused by a real white truffle, the difference is the price paid for  the product which is drastically lower!
Moreover, whereas the white truffle is available only in some months of the year, normally between November and December; this product enables you to enrich your dishes with a most pleasant white truffle aroma all year round!
Our suggestion is to try it on simple tagliatelle Pasta (noodles) with Parmesan cheese as well as on top of mushrooms risotto.
To get the most of the truffle taste, put some drops of this oil on top of a sunny side up fried egg; close your eyes and taste!  
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