Chocolate Habanero Cream
Chocolate Habanero Cream
Producer: Suriano - Calabria - Italy
Peso: 106 gr
Ingredients:  Habanero Chocolate chili peppers, extra virgin olive oil, salt.
Spicy degree:  light medium
Habanero chili peppers are washed, the petioles cut off, then mixed with salt up to obtaining a dense compound.  It remains for a whole night into a strainer so that all the water inside the red chili peppers will drain away Put the mixture into a bowl and emulsify with the olive oil until getting a smooth cream.
Habanero chili peppers originated in South America and are considered among the most spicy ones in the world. For this reason they are very much valued and the aroma they emanate makes them truly unique.  
The Chocolate version is called this way due to the brown color of the habanero chili pepper.
It is characterized by a medium light degree of spicy.
Extra virgin olive oil of intense fruity  is being added to the Habanero chili  resulting into a cream of spicy flavor and very, very tasty.  Perfect as appetizer, as well as combined with cheese , as sauce for pasta and as ingredient for other dishes.
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