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Buy extra virgin olive oil

Buy olive oil

Incredible, yet true! Such a common product like oil can tell a lot about us, the way we are, what we look for, our life style.
Actually what can reveal some aspects of our personality isn't olive oil in itself, rather the way we choose it and how we make use of it.
Imagine yourself in a supermarket, in front of the shelf with oil products. Different factors will lead us to choose among seed oil, olive oil, extra virgin olive oil and go on.
Most often you don't even select and just buy the brand you have been using all along, or you may just pick up what's available, and, of course, with the best price.
Should this be your approach in selecting a bottle of oil, unfortunately, you deny yourself the chance of making the ritht choice. Read on to find out why!

Why you should buy the best extravirgin olive oil

To start with, oil is an ingredient present most often than not in the kitchen and on the table of all of us.
Dedicating attention to the type of oil we select at the moment of buying it can only be of benefit to both, our palate and our health.
We have no intention to bore you with long descriptions of the various types of oil existing in the market; we rather call to your attention on three basic points:
  • There is but one type of oil which is directly derived by the olive fruit without any type of chemical manipulation; it is the extra virgin olive oil.
  • There is but one type of oil which contains active principles of basic importance to our health; it is the extra virgin olive oil.
  • There is but one type of oil rich in natural aromas and perfumes; it is the extra virgin oilve oil.
You may have been informed about all this already; however, you may still find it difficult to understand how come when you are facing a shelf full of different brands of extra virgin olive oil you find an incredible variety of prices, ranging from 2 - 3 Euros to 30 - 40 euros per bottle.
It is simple enough. European laws concerning extra virgin olive oil is on the one hand not too clear and, on the other, quite obsolete; it goes back to more than 50 years ago, when the culture about oil and the knowledge of it were very limited.
A legislation which is unclear allows the proliferation of a series of abuses and ill behaviours which often result in real food fraud. That is why plenty of extra virgin olive oil that has nothing "virgin" in it enters the market!
Even when the extra virgin olive oil can be "legally" considered as such, we must still keep in mind that it is necessary to distinguish between extra virgin olive oil of low, medium and high quality.

Should all this be of interest to you?

We deem that the answer should be yes for the following two reasons:
  1. An extra virgin olive oil which is not really genuine, of poor quality, will never provide you with the uniquely pleasurable taste as in the case of a high quality extra virgin olive oil.
  2. An extra virgin olive oil which is not genuine, of poor quality, will not give any benefit to your health and it's not good for you.
We end here and leave you with a question: if you consider oil an ingredient which we consume daily, don't you think it would be important to give it more consideration and see it also under its aspect of natural medical effects so beneficial to health, on top of the pleasure it gives to our senses?
Ask this question to yourself. Perhaps you'll modify your attitude in choosing the type of oil you consume and, perhaps, you will better realize the reason why you also should but the best extra virgin olive oil.

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