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    Welcome to Oliving, the first online olive oil boutique where you can buy the best quality Italian extra virgin olive oils.
    We are a team of professional extra virgin olive oil tasters, guided by the love, passion and care with which we are selecting the products we propose to you.

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    Find out the evoo which suits you best!

    Choose it according to regions, flavour or even just because you find the label most attractive: you can take it for granted that the olive oil you choose is a “great” extra virgin olive oil!

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    *EVOO = extra virgin olive oil
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    Give your friends and loved ones a great extra virgin olive oil. They will appreciated as if it were a bottle of prestigious wine, however original as any new idea can be!
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    The olive oils we propose to you are the result of the passion which characterizes the Italian tradition, handed down from one generation to another.
    We do this way,... we choose these products from among small olive oil producers scattered across the Italian Peninsula and we bring them directly on your table!

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    Extra virgin olive oil is not all the same!

    Some is considered high quality, produced through traditional processes; other types are difficult to define and their true origin cannot be traced.
    Our products come only from the first category; maybe we do not match supermarkets prices, however we guarantee a pure extra virgin olive oil which will please your taste and benefit your health!

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    Olive oil benefits
  • Olive oil in the Mediterranean Diet

    Evoo in the Mediterranean diet

    The Mediterranean diet, recently declared “heritage of humanity” states that extra virgin olive oil is one of its key elements.

    This outstanding recognition is not only due to tradition, but specially to the high benefits and impacts which extra virgin olive oil has in reference to health in general.

    Oil and healty life
Today we suggest you...
Frantoio 0,75LT extravirgin olive oil
Extravirgin olive oil light fruity
Frantoio 0,75LT
Passion and love for their land together with solid technical skills have brought Frantoio Valtenesi to achieve this excellent oil which has the most interesting features of the area of ​​origin, the Garda Lake.
This oil is distinguished by a delicate but rich fruity. To the smell can be perceived herbal and artichoke notes.
When it comes to taste, the smell characteristics are confirmed.
The long lasting taste in the mouth allows to distinguish quite clearly elements of almond, leaving a most pleasant sensation for quite some time.  
€ 12.90 with VAT
Balsamic vinegar glaze of Modena IGP extravirgin olive oil
Balsamic vinegar glaze of Modena IGP
Balsamic vinegar glaze of Modena IGP is the result of love and passion for good dining and are the outcome of a mix of some among the best grape juices (musts) with the most renowned Modena Balsamic Vinegar IGP.
The cream is dense and voluminous with a delicate taste and with that typical sweet and sour balsamic touch.
It is suitable in a variety of dishes, such as: risotto, cheese, pasta, meet, fish, sweets and dessert.

Balsamic Vinegar Cream may also be consumed in vegetarian diets as well as in gluten, lactose and fat free diets
€ 7.60 with VAT
Svevo extravirgin olive oil
Extravirgin olive oil medium fruity
Svevo extra virgin olive oil , because of its blend of cultivars, chosen and batched with wisdom, represents a real jewel in the wide panorama of Puglia Region  olive growing.
It has a golden yellow color with some nuances tending to green, and to the smell it offers a blend of rich scents, among which the scent of aromatic herbs and freshly cut grass.
To the taste it proposes at first a touch of sweet pleasant scent of apple, followed by other pleasant tastes, such as thistle, artichoke, chicory.
A truly interesting sensorial experience, definitely  worth trying.
€ 11.90 with VAT
Truffle oil Frantoio Valtenesi extravirgin olive oil
Truffle oil Frantoio Valtenesi
It is truly a delicacy, both for its taste and its unique aromatic smell.
Almost incredible! As you open the bottle you are literally overwhelmed by a most pleasant truffle aroma.
This type of olive oil is the only one which can give the chance to enjoy the same sensations caused by a real truffle, the difference is the price paid for  the product which is drastically lower!
Moreover, whereas the truffle is available only in some months of the year, normally between November and December; this product enables you to enrich your dishes with a most pleasant truffle aroma all year round!
Our suggestion is to try it on simple tagliatelle Pasta (noodles) with Parmesan cheese as well as on top of mushrooms risotto.
To get the most of the truffle taste, put some drops of this oil on top of a sunny side up fried egg; close your eyes and taste!  
€ 9.70 with VAT
The olive mill makes the difference too!
Olive Mill
Olive Mills are of different types, each with its specific characteristics, advantages and disadvantages quality and cost wise.
The main common characteristic, however, must be a scrupulous cleanliness and hygiene.
Oil is a great absorber and collector of taste and smell therefore it is easy to figure out what could happen if the newly produced oil gets in contact with leftovers of previous pressings which have become rancid!

Olive oil and healthy life
Olive oil benefits
As a consequence of constant medical research, the benefits of extra virgin olive oil were authoritatively confirmed and its consumption has greatly increased all over the world.
Indeed olive oil is an important food component, characterized by its high content of monounsaturated-fat and antioxidant elements such as polyphenols, vitamins and carotene. Today we know that it is also most effective in keeping body weight under control, in regulating oxidant processes and preventing atherosclerosis...

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